, Vitamin B Injections

Vitamin B Injections

vitaminAt Persona, we take pride in enhancing our clients’ complete wellness. Part of that equation is a focus on nutrition for optimum health. Our trained professionals begin the nutrition process by assessing each individual’s blood studies to determine vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels after being tested by a specialized CLIA accredited clinical laboratory that specializes in micronutrient testing. Partnering with a specialized lab that has patented the testing process after 18 years of research has allowed our clinical staff to understand an individual’s nutritional status as well as any micronutrient deficiencies that can be treated for optimal health and wellness. We know that deficiencies can lead to immune suppression and fuction and can lead to degenerative conditions such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis and Heart Disease. The intracellular function of essential micronutrients is analyzed for deficiencies and balanced with essential nutrient supplementation to restore optimal body equilibrium. Our medical professionals will consult with each client to recommend micronutrient supplementation, a nutritionally sound diet and or Vitamin B injections to address overall nutrient deficiencies and conditions such as anemia, Alzeimers, heart disease, sleep disorders and osteoporosis to name a few. Inquire about our nutrition program and discover greater wellness in your life.