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Customer Testimonials

"Having the SmartLipo procedure on my jawline has completely changed my look. This is what I remember my chin (single, no longer double!) and profile looking like in high school. A month later I was in Paris and took dozens of great photos. It was the first time in more than a decade I wasn't self-conscious about being photographed, because my face finally reflects how I actually feel - healthy and happy."

"I have had several photofacial laser treatments at Persona so I was familiar with the basic process. The CO2 laser is much more intense than what I had done before. However, the staff takes every precaution and prepares you fully for the experience. I knew what to expect each day of the healing process and am very pleased with the results. As I am treating acne scars, I will need one or two more treatments. One treatment would have been perfect if I was only trying to achieve skin rejuvenation. And...Kristen is wonderful!"
- Chris

"I recently completed the first of three CO2 treatments and could not be more pleased. I have noticed a considerable difference in the texture of my skin. It appears softer, more clear and much smoother. I have also observed that the dark skin patches on my face have either faded immensely or dissipated altogether. I have had numerous compliments from friends and family regarding how healthy and "glowing" my skin looks. I cannot wait until my second and third treatments to see further enhancements to my skin."

"The staff at Persona has been very professional and informative and skilled. Nadine did a wonderful job addressing my concerns, and explained in detail the procedure and recovery process. I would highly recommend this treatment and Persona!
- Kristine Bird

" What a difference Smart Lipo has made for me. I always had this handful of fat on my outer thighs (saddle bags). No matter how much weight I would lose they were always there. The procedure was pain free and very easy, just a little soreness. So worth it! The difference that the result has made in the fit of my clothes is amazing! The staff at Persona made me feel very comfortable at all times! Dr. Jones did a great job for me! Not only are my saddle bags gone, but my skin in that area is tighter! I am very pleased and would highly recommend this procedure at Persona!"

"Deciding to have a CO2 laser procedure was not easy for me, but the professional staff at Personna Day Spa personally assured that my experience would be a positive one! I am completely amazed with the results! My skin looks years younger, with a renewed glow and softness that I never expected! Age spots and fine wrinkles have disappeared or were greatly diminished, and I have received many comments about how much younger I look! The staff took great care to ensure my comfort during the procedure and provided follow-up care as well. I could not have been more pleased!"
- Michelle Feavel

"I love the way my face glows now after my CO2 treatment. My dark spots have faded, the redness around my nose is gone and my pores are actually smaller. The bags under my eyes are even gone! I really do not have to wear heavy foundation makeup now to cover all of the flaws on my face. A little mineral powder and some mascara and I am out the door. Kathi and Kristen were great and I have recommended the CO2 treatment to all of my friends! Thank you."

" I had the SmartLipo treatment on my abdomen and flanks in December 2009 and I love the way I look now. The post "baby fat" around my waist is finally gone 34 years after I had my last child! I actually have a waist now! I feel so much better about the way I look in my clothes. Before the SmartLipo I tried every diet and exercise to whittle away the fat and nothing worked. I had the treatment on Friday and went back to work on Monday feeling great. I was amazed that there was virtually no pain involved and the results were almost immediate. I am very grateful to Dr. Jones and the staff at Persona for helping me feel more confident in my appearance."

" I am very pleased with the results of the Smartlipo procedure I had on my neck and jaw line. I went from having a full round face that didn't stop at my jaw line but extended into my neck. The procedure was completed with only minor discomfort but the medications were helpful in letting me relax. The home visit by Kathy the next day was so special to me so I didn't have to go out with all the wrappings. The healing went extremely quickly and I was absolutely amazed at how defined my jaw was and my face shape is no longer round. I do not regret having Smartlipo done on my neck it made me look 10 years younger according to my friends and family. "

"The CO2 treatments have made the lines around my mouth and eyes softer and less noticeable. My face looks smoother and my brown spots have gone away. People tell me my skin looks nice. For 63 years old I feel good about myself."
- Helen Green

"I was incredibly please with my results. My only regret is that I did not have the procedure done sooner! Clothes fit me so much better now and running is more comfortable. Dr. Jones did a fantastic job!"
- Misty


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