PRP hair restoration, The Amazing Power of PRP Hair Restoration

The Amazing Power of PRP Hair Restoration

PRP hair restoration, The Amazing Power of PRP Hair Restoration

As you may know all too well, thinning hair can have a negative impact on the appearance of an individual. Whether the issue is a condition like alopecia or hereditary pattern baldness, the individual is often left feeling self-conscious about the way they look. Thanks to numerous celebrities, thinning hair is no longer the same battle it was in the past. There are also men of all ages who look exceptionally good bald. For the women suffering an emotional response to significantly thinning hair and the men not interested in shaving their heads, there is a solution. This is called PRP hair restoration. The issue with hair restoration using pills, surgery, steroids and liquids are the potential reactions, side effects, long periods of downtime and possible complications. PRP hair restoration is easily accessible and all-natural.

A Closer Look at PRP

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is an innovative option for hair restoration in individuals with thinning hair. The procedure is non-surgical and can significantly increase the growth of new hair through stimulation of the hair cells. Hair growth is increased by using the blood in your body during treatment. This can result in a dramatic improvement in your self-confidence and appearance with virtually no risk. The plasma in your blood contains a protein referred to as platelets. This growth factor is responsible for controlling the response of your body to injury and enhancing your production of new cells. When your plasma concentration is higher, your tissue growth is increased.

Hereditary hair loss is not an uncommon condition. Approximately eighty million individuals in the United States have hereditary hair loss. Many of these individuals consider the condition distressing. Both women and men are looking for an answer. PRP was first used in 2005 in Europe as a solution. In the past, hair loss was reversed or stalled with hair transplant procedures or prescription medications. This resulted in negative side effects including a long period of downtime, an itchy scalp and sexual dysfunction. PRP has been proven effective for healing and has been used for repairing tissue and wounds for many years. The popularity of this treatment is based on the numerous benefits provided. Since there is no set downtime, you will not need to take time off work or miss out on your regular activities.

The safety of PRP has been proven. This is due to the natural growth factors from your body being used instead of chemicals. This treatment does not require you to have any surgery for successful hair restoration. Studies have also shown injecting PRP into your scalp will significantly stimulate your cross-sections of hair. PRP has been successfully used by researchers for the regrowth of hair in men and women using simple injections. Despite the length of time PRP has been around, the investigations by experts for the key role of PRP for hair regrowth are still fairly recent. Only local anesthesia is used for the treatment, which is non-surgical. Your treatment begins with an initial consultation to ensure you are a good candidate.

The next step is having a small amount of your blood drawn. A machine called a centrifuge is then used to separate your white and red cells from your plasma by rapidly spinning your blood. Once nutrients such as protein have been added, your growth factors and platelets are collected and injected into the thinning areas on your scalp. Your entire treatment is performed in the comfort of our office. The recommendation is usually a series of treatments. After this series, all you will need are maintenance sessions as required. Since the PRP is derived from your blood, there is no chance of an allergic reaction or your body rejecting the PRP. This means any major safety issues have been eliminated.

You will need to be patient because your results will not appear instantly. In most cases, your results will start to become noticeable after your series of sessions. Once you have seen your optimal results, they can be continued with maintenance sessions. The exact number of sessions you will need and your specific plan for treatment will be based on several different factors. This includes your genetic makeup, hormones and age. The majority of individuals who have experienced PRP hair restoration have been satisfied with their final results. When you have hair loss, the platelets injected into your scalp help trigger newly implanted or inactive hair follicles to begin growing again by entering the active phase of growth.

The type of hereditary hair thinning often affecting numerous men and women is called androgenetic alopecia. This is one type of hair loss that PRP can target. The belief of the experts is PRP may also help women with traction alopecia. This condition causes hair thinning due to hairstyles pulling out hair such as excessively tight braids and ponytails. According to research, the best candidates have only just started to lose their hair. It is important to note that this procedure is not appropriate if you are already completely bald. There have been numerous studies conducted regarding the effectiveness of this treatment. One study involved eleven participants. The study showed a substantial decrease in hair loss between the first and fourth treatments. The number of hair follicles on the scalp also increased.

Another study involved twenty participants. PRP was shown to have a positive impact on both female and male pattern hair loss. There were no major side effects in any of the participants. Most individuals are not aware that PRP was first used in the medical field more than ten years ago. PRP proved to be effective for decreasing the amount of time necessary for damaged joints to heal after surgery or an injury. The treatment is not complicated. Once your blood has been drawn and your plasma and platelets have been separated, your PRP is simply injected into your scalp by a professional. This helps promote wound healing and cell growth, repair your blood vessels and stimulate your production of collagen.

Everything began when dermatologists first started using PRP after research showed the result was a much higher concentration of plasma cells. This extended the growth phase of the hair cycle, which helped promote the growth of new hair. Dermatologists started injecting PRP into the area where the thinning or lost hair had occurred. This was the beginning of PRP hair restoration. The injections are generally spread out over a set period of time based on the amount of hair loss or baldness and the pattern.

The Procedure for PRP Hair Restoration

Platelet-rich plasma or PRP is derived from your blood for the stimulation of hair growth. This procedure will also thicken the hair you already have. Although PRP is most commonly known for assisting the body in recovering from injuries or surgery, PRP also has the ability to promote the growth of new hair provided there are still healthy follicles present. The injections are much more convenient than the majority of treatments and fast. Since there is no set downtime, you can even have your treatment done during a break from your other daily errands. Your blood will be separated into plasma, platelets, white blood cells and red blood cells in a centrifuge. Your PRP is extracted and then injected into the areas of your scalp with thinning hair.

When you have hair follicles present, PRP will enhance your hair growth. If there are no follicles present or your hair loss is extreme, you will most likely not be a good candidate for this treatment. However, it all depends on the unique situation. The results of your treatment will not be permanent. This procedure can extend the amount of time your existing hair remains in the growth phase. You will need to have maintenance treatments to prevent your hair density from returning to the original condition. You can maintain your appearance with a maintenance treatment at our office as needed. PRP also works well when used with other types of hair restoration. To achieve optimal results, you will likely require more than one session.

Once you have completed your first PRP hair loss treatment, you will need to have your second treatment done a set amount of time afterward. This is dependent on your specific circumstances and needs. During your initial consultation, your hair restoration needs will be addressed so an individualized treatment plan can be established. The best results of PRP hair restoration are seen by individuals with hair thinning or loss as opposed to completely bald areas on the scalp. You should begin to notice some new hair growth after multiple treatments. You will not see your best results for months. Your results will have a gradual and natural appearance so nobody will be aware you had this procedure unless you tell them.

The Benefits of PRP Hair Restoration

The reason for the current popularity of PRP is because there are so many benefits. This includes the following:

Safe: PRP can restore the growth of your hair by using blood from your body. This makes PRP a safe option for treatment because there is virtually no risk of your body rejecting the PRP or having an allergic reaction.

Versatile: PRP can also be used for other purposes.

Easy: Only a very small amount of blood is required for this treatment. The process used for obtaining your blood is the same as you experience when having blood taken at your physician’s office. There are also no incisions or surgery necessary.

Improves Quality of Life: Once the new hair growth has started to appear, you will most likely notice a dramatic improvement in both your confidence level and your appearance. Having a full head of hair will not only make you look younger but healthier as well. This may enable you to become more comfortable participating in challenges for your career or new social settings.

No Recovery Period: There is no period of recovery or downtime necessary with this treatment.

To find out if PRP hair restoration is right for you, book an appointment at Persona Med Spa in Houston, TX. During this meeting, you can learn more about the amazing power of this treatment. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!