Femme 360, FAQs –  Feminine Rejuvenation with the Femme 360

FAQs – Feminine Rejuvenation with the Femme 360

Femme 360, FAQs –  Feminine Rejuvenation with the Femme 360

Feminine rejuvenation with the Femme 360 can tighten and rejuvenate your internal and external genitalia through thermal energy, which triggers the body to produce more collagen and tighten the existing collagen fibers.  The providers at Persona Med Spa in Houston can perform this on women who have vaginal issues, which are tied to painful intercourse and incontinence.  The following information is here to help you determine if feminine Rejuvenation with the Femme 360 could work for you.

Who are Ideal Candidates?

As a non-surgical treatment, the Femme 360 is ideal for almost anyone who experiences the following issues:

  • Weak or loose vaginal muscle that may cause discomfort during intercourse
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Decreased natural lubrication
  • Reduced sensation during intercourse

In the past, the only way to tighten the vulvar and vaginal areas was to undergo surgery, which involves longer recovery and a higher risk of complication. However, the advent of non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments, such as this one, has stopped the need for an invasive procedure in most cases. Also, as a non-surgical treatment, the Femme 360 is often ideal for women who have a medical condition that makes them a poor candidate for surgery, and those who want to avoid prolonged recovery.

How Does It Work?

Feminine rejuvenation with the Femme 360 uses a special device that emits radio frequency energy over the tissue, causing the increased production of collagen or structural protein that gives the skin and other tissues their youthful tightness.  But with aging, your body produces less and less amount of this critical protein.

Also, the appearance of sagging labia and weak vaginal muscles are often attributed to weight loss and pregnancy. The dermis, which is the second layer of skin, contains huge amounts of collagen.  The collagen is also intertwined with the fatty tissue to support this layer.  Take note that collagen responds to a very specific temperature. Upon heating the collagen fibers, they contract gradually over the following weeks, resulting in tighter and more youthful-looking labia and vaginal canal. Furthermore, radio frequency energy has been shown to increase the blood supply to the labia and other vaginal areas.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Most women will need a series of treatment sessions spaced a set amount of time apart to enjoy the best results possible.  Nonetheless, you will likely see an improvement just after the first treatment, which will further improve over the course of your treatments.

To learn more about feminine rejuvenation with the Femme 360, contact us today at Persona Med Spa in Houston to schedule your initial consultation.