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We are lucky to have Alison here in Houston

by Kara G.

I started going to Alison for facials about 13 years ago. She was voted \" Best Facialist in Houston\" by a poll that I had read, so I decided to try her. She was amazing. She had a great sense of touch, was very relaxing, but at the same time, did a lot of extraction and thorough cleansing, which was very important to me. I moved to Los Angeles shortly after I met her. I could not find one facialist in all of LA that even held a candle to Alison. I tried places that only did facials, I tried high-end spas, high-end hotel spas, resorts, EVERYTHING. It just wasn\'t worth trying anymore. I would schedule my facials with Alison whenever I would come home to Houston to visit. I eventually moved back to Houston (a little older) and now, Alison caters my facials to help with aging and fine lines. I even had a bad reaction to a store bought product that I was using on my face. I had rashes under my eyes, my lips were cracked - it was terrible. I came to see Alison for help and she immediately told me to stop using what I was using and recommended other products that were better for me and my sensitive skin, and I was better within a week, after suffering for a month. She is the best at what she does. We are lucky to have her here in Houston.

Category: spa services

Persona is certainly one of the best

by Cynthia H.

I live in Colorado but eagerly await a trip to Houston so I can visit Persona for a facial. It is always a pleasurable and satisfying experienc. I have always been to many spas in the USA and abroad for facials and Persona is certainly one of the best I have found anywhere

Category: spa services

The spa is beautiful

by Valeri J.

The spa is beautiful, extremely quiet and private. Staff is extremely polite and professional. Products and equipment are top notch. I enjoy the tranquil atmosphere

Category: spa services

I would recommend this to anyone from Houston

by Lara S.

Great spa, great people and excellent services. I would recommend this to anyone from Houston - worth travelling for

Category: spa services

Service and facilities were outstanding!!!

by Stephana T

Could not have been more pleased...service and facilities were outstanding!!!

Category: spa services

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