, Persona Anti-Aging

Persona Anti-Aging

mensDiscover the next generation in Age-Defying facial treatments. Experience traditional spa facials that incorporate the latest in non-ablative procedures. These beautifying services are hybrids of relaxing facial treatments and state-of-the-art medical technologies. Result-oriented solutions, these treatments combat the effects of environmental aging with no downtime and immediate results!

MicroInfusion Facial Treatment™

Persona’s exclusive age-defying and rejuvenating facial treatment specifically developed to nourish all skin types. Couple this with medical grade micro-needling and an infusion of TNS® (Tissue Nutrient Solution – a patented blend of growth factors, soluble collagen, antioxidants and matrix proteins that repair damaged skin and stimulate new collagen growth) and experience a facial like no other. Unlike older technology such as the micro-dermal roller, our state-of–the-art perpendicular micro-needling eliminates dermal tearing and promotes collagen and elastin production. Fine lines are reduced, age spots and discoloration fade, pore size and scarring are reduced and skin texture and elasticity are vastly improved with this incredible service.
(60 minutes) Investment – $495

MicroInfusion Facial Treatment™ with Diamond Dermabrasion

(80 minutes) Investment – $595

Ultimate MicroInfusion Facial Treatment™ with Diamond Dermabrasion
**Treatment Enhancement – For optimal results a treatment series is recommended.

(80 minutes) Investment – $995 (including Skin Care Products)

Persona Lift Facial™ Treatment

Enjoy Persona’s Essential Facial with the added benefit of macro-current technology. Direct facial muscle stimulation effectively tones and tightens the skin immediately, leaving clients with a firmer complexion and a new outlook. Enjoy the benefits of firm, healthy skin that looks refreshed, renewed and years younger with no downtime.
(80 minutes) Investment – $265

The Rejuvenation Facial™ Treatment

Experience optimal skin renewal with this Persona facial. Results are maximized using the combined technologies of diamonds and micro-current energy. Diamond Dermabrasion exfoliates safely and gently removes up to 100 layers of dead skin cells, resulting in immediate pore size reduction and smooth skin texture as well as minimizing extractions. Micro-current stimulation then aids in line and wrinkle reduction, firms aged and slackened skin and reduces facial irritation and inflammation. This is followed with lymphatic stimulation from the micro-current energy, activating the lymphatic system to boost circulation, reduce puffiness and eliminate impurities from the skin. Highly specialized facial manipulations are applied to ensure penetration of specifically formulated products resulting in youthful skin. Suitable for every skin type.
(90 minutes) Investment – $375

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation™ Treatment Package

A Traditional Clinical Acupuncture treatment for the face. Experience an Eastern Therapy alternative to Western Medical facial procedures. Immediate tightening with long lasting results after the conclusion of your treatment series. Increases circulation and flow of energy, causes collagen reformation by fibroblast migration resulting in a permanent reduction of lines and wrinkles. After conclusion of treatment series, maintenance is recommended every 6 months.
(Ten Sessions, 60 minutes each) Investment – $1500

Acupuncture Face and Body Renewal™

A treatment series of facial rejuvenation coupled with body renewal. This series incorporates specific body points for maximum benefits. Placement of body needles are unique to each patient.
(Ten Sessions, 60 minutes each) Investment – $2100

Acupuncture Facial Pick Me Up™ Treatment

A single treatment for immediate firming results. Ideal for special events. For optimal results, schedule The “Essential Facial” preceding this treatment.
(60 minutes) Investment – $195

Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation and Mask™ Treatment

A traditional acupuncture treatment for the face including a mask specifically for hydration, antioxidants, detoxifying and brightening.
(60 minutes) Investment – $245