, Smartlipo liposuction

Smartlipo liposuction



Smartlipo was the first FDA approved laser lipolysis system, which offers patients a minimally invasive treatment, performed under local anesthesia, for the removal of fat. It is a simple outpatient procedure that results in little downtime since it involves less bleeding, bruising, swelling and discomfort than traditional liposuction. Smartlipo body contouring is achieved through the use of a state-of-the-art laser which liquefies fat and produces a thermal reaction, resulting in the tightening of skin overlying the contoured area. Patients can expect 45 minutes to two hours on average for a Smartlipo treatment, as procedure time greatly depends on the area(s) being treated.

Ideal candidates for this elective procedure are healthy individuals who have areas of unwanted fat that have not responded to a healthy diet and consistent exercise. Immediately following Smartlipo, patients are able to see and appreciate the newly and beautifully contoured area. Following laser body contouring, the body’s natural swelling response occurs within 24 hours and will distort the results for approximately six to eight weeks. However, swelling is minimal to moderate and significantly less than can be expected with traditional liposuction.The results of Smartlipo body contouring are permanent because fat cells have been removed during the procedure. Should weight gain occur, fat expansion will be seen in an area where Smartlipo was not performed.