Laser Lipo, Say Goodbye to Unwanted Fat with Laser Lipo in Houston

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Fat with Laser Lipo in Houston

Laser Lipo

If you’re looking for a fat reduction method that is convenient with minimal downtime and relatively little discomfort, you may wish to consider laser lipo with our experts in Houston. Laser liposuction offers advantages to traditional lipo in that it’s less invasive, requiring a smaller incision. It’s also gentler on the body, resulting in an easier and shorter recovery period.

About Laser Lipo

Laser lipo differs from traditional liposuction because it uses laser energy to break up fat rather than using a long tube known as a cannula to do so. This means that a smaller incision is needed and that the process of destroying the fat is far gentler than that of regular liposuction. The way in which the fat cells are reduced is quite efficient. The laser energy perforates the membranes of the fat cells, causing them to shrink significantly and releasing their fatty acids, water and glycerol. These are then flushed away naturally through the lymphatic system. The result is a smaller, sleeker and more toned area of the body. The laser energy also helps to improve the condition of the skin by stimulating the production of collagen.

Candidates for the Procedure

This treatment isn’t meant to be a weight loss solution. You should be at or close to your ideal weight. Instead of looking to shed pounds, laser lipo is best-suited to reduce fat and to tone flab in localized problem areas of the body. You should be in relatively good general health. In addition, it’s important that your skin have decent elasticity so that it can bounce back properly.

Benefits of Laser Lipo

There are many reasons to choose laser lipo over traditional liposuction or other procedures. For one, it’s less uncomfortable than traditional lipo during and after the treatment because it’s less invasive and gentler. There will also be significantly less bruising and bleeding involved with this option. Recovery is shorter and more comfortable as well.

You’re likely to see immediate results following your laser lipo procedure. The treatment area should be tighter, smaller and more toned in appearance. Over the following weeks, you’ll notice your skin begin to adjust to the body’s contour. Depending on your desired outcome and the area you choose to treat, you may require multiple sessions in order to achieve optimal results.

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