Laser hair removal, Toss Out Your Razor After Laser Hair Removal in Houston, TX!

Toss Out Your Razor After Laser Hair Removal in Houston, TX!

Laser hair removal

It is going to be hot in Houston, TX this year. You have been getting ready for all the outings and poolside gatherings. It is something you look forward to every year. What you are not looking forward to is all the shaving you will have to do to ensure that your skin will look its best. Well, researchers have heard your cries of discomfort and have brought amazing advancements to the realm of cosmetic laser procedures. Laser hair removal is going to help you ditch the razor, and it will make your time in the heat a more pleasant one because of it.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Help You Ditch Your Razor?

When you appear at our office, you will be asked to get relaxed and prepare for an experience that is truly mind-blowing. A laser will be used on your skin that treats a patch of hair the size of a quarter every second. This means that ridding your upper lip and chin of unwanted hair is going to be an extremely quick procedure. Your legs and bikini line will take considerably more time, but the result will be smooth, flawless skin.

The beauty of the whole procedure is that it did not require a razor to get rid of the hair. A laser is used to impair the hair follicles with photon energy that is absorbed by the pigment of the follicles. While a single treatment will not permanently rid your skin of unwanted hair, it is the first step in a journey that will leave your razor in its case.

Multiple Sessions

As mentioned before, you will not be able to totally get rid of unwanted hair regrowth in a single session with the laser. No one experiences this result with the current lasers being used. Perhaps someday that will all change. Today, most people need a series of laser hair removal treatments before it becomes apparent that their hair is growing in thinner and less frequently. This is good news because it means that you will need to use your razor far less than before. After more sessions with the laser at our office in Houston, TX, you may start to notice that it takes your hair months or even years to grow back.

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