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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Tired of the never-ending cycle of waxing, shaving, and plucking? At Persona Med Spa, we offer laser hair removal to permanently reduce unwanted hair growth. Our advanced laser technology safely and effectively targets hair follicles, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free.

Our laser hair removal treatments are suitable for all skin types and can be used on a variety of areas, including the face, legs, underarms, bikini line, back, and chest. With our cutting-edge technology, you'll see a significant reduction in hair growth after just a few treatments.

PRP, PRF and Exosomes for Hair Loss

If you're experiencing hair loss, we offer advanced regenerative treatments to help restore your hair's thickness and fullness. Our platelet-rich plasma (PRP), platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), and exosome treatments are non-surgical, safe, and effective ways to stimulate hair growth.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP therapy involves using your own blood plasma, which is rich in growth factors, to promote hair growth. The treatment is quick and easy, and involves injections of the growth factors into the areas of thinning hair to stimulate hair follicle growth allowing you to resume your normal activities immediately after.


PRF is a newer generation of hair loss treatment than PRP. PRF also involves drawing a blood sample which is spun at a lower speed in the centrifuge and doesn’t involve an anticoagulant or any other additives. The lower spinning speed allows more cytokines, growth factors, and stem cells to be extracted along with the plasma, and preserves the integrity of the blood sample more effectively. Simply put, the PRF contains stem cells and PRP does not. PRF has, overall, a greater concentration of substances that can help address hair loss, and a fibrin matrix that allows the growth factors and stem cells to stay where they’re injected instead of dissipating into surrounding tissues as quickly.


Exosomes are naturally occurring extracellular vesicles that turn on hair follicles in their resting phase to convert to the growth phase. This signaling process by the exosomes stimulates the hair follicles to produce new hair and only requires one treatment. Our exosome therapy is a cutting-edge treatment that delivers powerful regenerative results.

Persona Medical SpaPersona Medical Spa

PRP, PRF and exosome treatments can be used alone or in combination for optimal hair growth results.

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