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Beauty & Beyond

Persona’s Beauty & BeyondTM concept is based on our philosophy that true beauty originates from within. It’s a spirit, a confidence, a lifestyle of health and wellness that merges to create outward beauty. It’s a life lived to the fullest and most beautiful...now, tomorrow and for years to come.

Each individual exudes his or her own unique beauty, and we embrace that. At Persona we are committed to make every client feel special, experience personal growth and look fabulous, achieving the beauty they desire and deserve. We do this through the use of a comprehensive beauty and wellness plan that is personalized for each client, in order to satisfy individual needs and exceed personal beauty and wellness goals.

The concept of our Beauty and Beyond™ Program is to offer our clients the opportunity to experience complete rejuvenation through personal transformation, both internal and external. Leading clients through this process of self-commitment to beauty and wellness, that becomes a lifestyle of confidence and health, is our mission and our privilege.

Clients enroll in our Beauty & Beyond™ Program by first completing a Persona beauty and wellness questionnaire, followed by an in-depth consultation with our Beauty Consultant and an evaluation of their facial and body image concerns. This comprehensive skin, body and health analysis is then evaluated by a Persona professional, and a beauty and wellness treatment plan is established to best achieve a client’s goals. Treatment plans encompass both short and long-term goals and may guide a client through a year-long series of services designed to meet every beauty and health desire imaginable.

Beauty & Beyond ™ is a partnered endeavor designed to enhance the skin, body and overall well-being of each of our valued clients. The best part? Persona’s comprehensive treatment plans, highly qualified staff and superb spa and medical treatments ensure exceptional results. Our customized programs bring long-lasting results that ultimately promote inner growth, outward beauty and increased self-confidence. We invite you to experience the excitement and personal satisfaction of Looking Fabulous and Feeling Beautiful™.

It's beauty from the inside out.TM

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