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Specialty Treatments

Persona Specialty Treatments

At Persona, we specialize in personalized treatments, specific to each of our exceptional clients and we pride ourselves on addressing the whole body. This is where our specialty treatments come in. Discover beauty from the face down to the feet!


Dermaplaning is an exfoliation procedure that “refinishes” the skin through a method of professional scraping that leaves the skin soft, silky smooth and free of fine vellus hair also known as peach fuzz. Dermaplaning addresses skin irregularities and can be performed on the entire face, neck and chest areas. Dermaplaning is safe, simple, painless and can be scheduled prior to a Facial service, Photofacial, Medical Microinfusion or laser treatment. By removing the un-exfoliated skin cell layer, facial products and laser treatments can penetrate skin deeper and more effectively, resulting in superior results. Clients who may be concerned with the regrowth of vellus hair following a dermaplane service, there has been no visualized growth of dark or coarse hair among any skin types undergoing the procedure. Dermaplaning exfoliation is excellent for all skin types and is preferred over microdermabrasion for clients with Rosacea, extremely sensitive skin or visible facial capillaries. Schedule a Dermaplaning and experience a smooth, polished and glowing appearance.

(60 minutes) Investment • $150

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Dermaplane Pre-Treatment

Express service prior to any medical service to help prep the skin for optimal results.

(30 minutes) Investment • $80

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Hand Peel

Renew hands, reduce fine lines and restore hydration to thin, dehydrated skin. This peel helps to diminish brown spots and tighten skin that has lost elasticity. We recommend this service for those with anti-aging concerns or an upcoming special event. A fabulous treatment with immediate results!

(20 minutes) Investment • $85

Add On to Service (No additional time required) • $45

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Foot Peel

A powerful medical grade glycolic peel to smooth and soften callused areas of the feet, this treatment ensures long-lasting results. Follow up with weekly at-home peels and love your smooth feet.

(20 minutes) Investment • $95

Add On to Service (No additional time required) • $55

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Neck Treatment

The neck never lies. For those whose neck is giving their age away, this treatment is the solution. Our anti-aging neck treatment targets unsightly lines and wrinkles and firms loose skin. Our aesthetic specialists stimulate and regenerate skin with our ultimate age defying neck treatment. A fabulous addition to any facial treatment and an essential for your neck concerns.

(30 minutes) Investment • $95

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Neck and Chest Treatment

Don’t stop at the neck! A critical step in anti-aging, this re-texturizing treatment nourishes the neck as well as the chest. Preventative and corrective, instantly see the results in renewed, revitalized skin. Perfect for that “forgotten” area. Complete the look with an add-on facial.

(40 minutes) Investment • $145

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Persona Teen Treatments

Aging begins at Birth! 80% of sun damage occurs before the age of 18. Invest in your child’s health; educate them in their formative years and protect them against the harmful effects of the sun. These treatments are designed to nurture and educate your child while gently and thoroughly cleansing their skin.

Teenage Dream™

Perfect for adolescent skin and designed to balance the complexion and prevent imperfections in teen clients. This essential facial is for teens desiring awesome skin. Includes an aromatic warm towel compress followed by thorough exfoliation, massage, warm oxygenating mist with a moisturizing eye and lip treatment, gentle extractions and a balancing cream. Vital for the well-being of adolescent skin.

(40 minutes) Investment • $85

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The Grad™

A complete experience for a teen’s special event. Includes “Teenage Dream” Facial with the addition of a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. A specific treatment cream tailored for adolescent skin penetrates into the skin with a gentle facial massage. The treatment is completed with a customized balancing botanical clay mask and hand and arm massage.

(60 minutes) Investment • $130

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The Skin Coach™

A fun educational assessment of the skin with a hands-on recommendation for future skincare. A great way to introduce teens to good skin hygiene. A warm aromatic compress and thorough skin cleansing followed by a detailed skin analysis and discussion. Balancing cream and sunblock complete the treatment. At Persona, we believe that preventative education is the key to skin health, acne management and environmental damage correction. This service is for teens who want the expertise of a Skin Coach.

**Treatment Enhancement – Excellent skin health achieved with regular facial appointments.

(20 minutes) Investment • $55

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