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Where we believe helping you look and feel your best at any age is our top priority. One of the most common concerns that we hear from our clients is facial aging. While aging is a natural process, there are many factors that can accelerate the signs of aging on our faces. In this article, we'll explore the causes and symptoms of facial aging, as well as the most common signs of aging that we see at our med spa.
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What is IPL Photofacial?

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a non-invasive treatment that uses high-intensity pulses of light to target and destroy damaged skin cells. This treatment can be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as to reduce the appearance of age spots, sun damage, and other skin discolorations. It can target both reds (from rosacea, small broken capillaries, or other generalized skin redness) and browns (typically from sun damage) and leave the skin brighter, clearer, and younger-looking.

How does IPL Photofacial work?

How does IPL Photofacial work?

Photofacial™ (also known as Fotofacial™) is an innovative, non-invasive therapy that utilizes advanced light technology to treat skin that has been damaged or discolored as a result of sun exposure, acne, or other dermatological conditions like rosacea and hyperpigmentation. Photofacial treatment works by the application of gently-pulsed, intense light (IPL) on the surface of the skin. The heat and energy that the light creates is absorbed by abnormal blood vessels that cause redness. As it absorbs the light and energy, collagen production is stimulated and the skin begins a natural healing process that restores a healthy and youthful tone to skin. Unlike some more aggressive laser and facial peel treatments that can burn the surface of the skin, Photofacial relies on the energy and heat of light therapy to penetrate deeper, destroying unwanted pigmented lesions and visible capillaries to reverse skin damage and discoloration from within. The length of treatment time depends on the area being treated. In general, treatments will last between 45-60 minutes. Following treatment, no recovery time is necessary and clients are able to return to daily activities. The results of cleared pigment and reduced redness can be expected in 7-10 days.

Am I a candiate for IPL Photofacial?

Photofacial is an ideal option for those who want a non-invasive, gentle, and easy way to erase freckles, age spots, redness, sun damage, and the appearance of visible capillaries and mild scarring. The number of treatments required to successfully achieve the desired result varies from client to client. Many of our clients see a significant improvement in the look and feel of their skin within the first week. In general, three to five treatments are recommended to achieve optimal results. Some clients require an occasional touch-up or reapplication to keep their skin looking its best; however, by investing in a skin care regimen following the treatment, you can ensure that the benefits will be long-lasting. There is little or no risk of serious complications from Photofacial treatment. The most common side effects experienced by our clients are temporary redness and darkening of the pigmentation in treated areas. Patients should limit sun and UV exposure for several weeks before and after treatments in order to reduce their risk of complications and ensure the best possible results.

Am I a candiate for IPL Photofacial?

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At Persona Med Spa, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful at any age. If you're concerned about facial aging, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our medical aesthetic consultant to discuss your options and find a treatment plan that is best suited for you.

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